09 October 2009

My Baby

My baby C510
The only hand phone that I truly love the most
It had been sent to repair just before I reached home
I was going to cry when I left the stall
I naturally felt protective towards it but why
It has never dropped onto the floor or somewhere else
It has never knocked into anything
But why there were so many problems at the time I just got the phone

I bought it on 21st of June 2009
But problems kept on appearing non-stop
Not every day but a lot of times
Now I'm going to list out the main problems that happened to my baby phone

First of all
The very beautiful screen separated into two
Two screens appeared on my phone and I was like
What the hell is this
I have been forced to off my baby phone and then on it again
My heart was quite painful when I off it
The problem gone but it came to the phone again after days

The photos repeated always
It's difficult to explain this problem

This is the most serious problem among the others
Those words changed into weird words and I've been forced to repeat the action AGAIN
The "off and on" action
Guess what
Failed to on it again
This is why I sent back to the stall to repair
The pretty salesgirl said it needs to be sent to the factory or something like that
My baby phone
Really sad

Out of topic
I've just bought a bag for dinner and shopping
Nice but it couldn't change my mood

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