11 October 2009

I've finally done my DIY cake with green tea flavour

New stocks have just added into my plastic bag which is used to keep all the DIY stuffs

And the plastic bag is full now


I'll finish them all after SPM

Just came back from ZM's house today

I did enjoy the night and also today at 1U

We have done the so-called "Li Hsia cookies" last night

I decided to make by me myself at home and will be starting very soon

We then online and chatted in the bedroom until late night

Went to bed at around 4am


Watched the 3D movie – G-Force after having our breakfast

Ouwh I love the guineapigs so much

They are too cute because of their bodies

Bought some DIY stuffs at Action City

RM33.40 flew away in the shop but it's okay because I love them very much

I've bought three pairs of earrings in a shop as they are much cheaper than the others

Three for RM10

That's all for what I've got today

Felt great because it's been a long time I never hang out for so long * one week can be considered as LONG for me XD *

But then I need to say bye bye to my RM70.30 soon because I borrowed money from ZM today

I guess it was the first time I forgot to bring money to one's house


  1. is Li Hsia cookies lar...==

  2. i thought that is littsia

  3. Oh ~ you diy cake
    why didnt u post the picture
    wanted to see it XD
    yeah !!G-force was nice
    haha , so clever the mole

  4. aih
    my hp was spoiled and being sent to repair
    i've no better quality's camera to take the photos


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