11 October 2009


That bad person who I truly hate the most
He is now at somewhere else seeing and enjoying the basketball match
And will be arriving home around 12am
It sounds normal for a teenager
But then he is one of the participants of PMR
And PMR is still going on
She did try her very hard to stop him
She wanted him to find out the solution for arriving home earlier
He didn't think any though
What he did was just wrangling and forcing her to give permission to go
Is this the way someone obtaining permission on something else

This is one of the reasons why do I hate him that much
He does this kind of stupid stuffs all the time
And creating disappointments on people who loved him * except me *
As we said

I'm extremely anxious to let everyone knows what he did in the past
But I've been forced to keep my mouth shut
It's unfair


* dear please control yourself when you see this as I'm just letting off my dissatisfaction :)

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