15 October 2009



It's a bit weird because of the olive oil and the sauces
Delicious though

Nice hot mocha * edited *

Chicken pasta * forgotten its very special name *
Nice but it's just as normal as those western foods

The tiramisu cake that I'm so in love with

The total
I don't think this is expensive
Because of the nice quality and quantity

It was the first time I've been to Italiannies in The Gardens
And I have a great meal there with my dear
The restaurant is so quiet and we could only hear the workers chatting all the time
It is quite romantic too
The services were good enough
Only some of them were a bit forgetful
But it's okay
The foods that we ordered were delicious
Especially the tiramisu cake with some chocolate and wine * yummy *
And their mocha was tasty but we added to much sugar into it
As a result
The mocha turned to become sweet mocha

Then we just hanged around at Mid Valley
Shopped for clothes again
I bought dear a belt at Romp and it costs only RM19.90
He was so wanted it for so long and finally he got it
And now he owes me a clothe

Went home by KTM at around 6pm
And always the same race
They always don't know what discipline is and love to get scold by people
Always and always and always
So damn stubborn huh
That's why I hate them that much
Farking people

Our drinks
I love it so much

Forgot to take photos at Mid Valley
And so we took some photos while walking back to my house

I did enjoy my shopping day with dear
And no movie today

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