26 November 2009


I found a blog through JJ and it's a SPECIAL blog
Anti-CHKL * you may link it from my blog list :) *
A so-called rubbish blog by those who have graduated
Created by an Anti Chong Hwa Club which contains a few club members
There are full of arguments and comments and also vulgar languages
Some of the members or people who posted comments might be childish
But they were using their way to tell the school about the students' feelings
Yup they were actually defaming the school
But what else they can do to complain the school
Sending emails to the principal
He will not bother even though the news were published in the newspapers

About a few months ago
I accidentally found a forum which is about CHKL
And the principal went there too
But it has been closed due to the arguments appeared in the forum
Don't you think this is funny
The principal stopped it just to escape from the problems

Everyone was supporting the ex-old principal
Our dearest Fuk Bak
It's true that I miss the time when he was still our principal
It has became a past tense anyway
Something to recall
No matter how
I will not going to hate the school like the kids hate it
But I'm always dislike it
The original CH will always remains in my memory

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  1. Dun hv such 偏见 k. I think it's okay. Try to accept the principal. Don't be so upset. The new one's okay too.


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