09 November 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Went to Cineleisure for movie with my dearest cousins YESTERDAY

This Is It
Nothing much to describe
MJ the king of pop is really best of the best
His sound is so soft and he treats everyone politely and kind
In the movie
He did everything by himself and he was controlling everyone
He really knows musics so well
God bless you
This is what he kept saying to everyone around him
And I love some of his songs so much
Especially the "Man In The Mirror"
In conclusion
This movie is so damn touching and great
And MJ is always the best best best best best

Our next destination was Sakae Sushi but we didn't eat that much
Our mums were cooking our dinner at home
Well of course
That handsome uncle paid for us and will claim from our mums

There's something that make my mood went down and down
Deep into a dark hole
That's what he did to his girlfriend who followed us to everywhere after the movie
I recalled what I experienced in March 2007
So wanted to do something when I saw it
Sounds bad right
You may not know how the feeling is
That's him anyway

I need a so-called talking with some of you
But I know I know I know
That's him and I'm not suppose to hate him right
It's just because none of you could understand my feeling

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