12 November 2009

Foot Drilling Competition

Chi Kang blocked me

The very first team
Drilled with sticks and we kept laughing in our minds
Damn bad

The second team from 4sZhong
Their creative senang diri

My ex-recruit is in this team with prefect's style
I almost forget him

Great creativity
They copied some of the steps from scout though

Our first team
I'm really proud of my dear little kids
Well done

Team of cadet
They have got the third place in the competition

Team one of prefect

Team two

Our second team
You did your job very well my dear sieter Vivian

The participants
I took this while they were waiting for the results

There's still one more team there but I didn't take their photo
That's the cutest team I think

This is the so-called Principal Cup's Foot Drilling Competition
This is just limited for Form 1 until Form 4
It held in Kong Chen Hall yesterday just after school
Dear and I went back to school to be supporters

As an outsider
I think the masters of ceremony need a lot of improvements
We heard a lot of apologizes from them through the microphone
And the judges shouldn't sit in front of us
Blocking people behind them to take photos * ME *
And to see the other teams' performances
Oh ya
I'm so damn mad with the photographer and the video camera man
Blocking blocking and blocking all the time
It's the first time anyway
Cheer ya

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