21 December 2009

The Conversation

Anomalous guy : hey

Me : hi.

Anomalous guy : can ask you something?

Me : yea?

Anomalous guy : wanna c something?

Me : ?

I was guessing while waiting for his reply
I felt weird

Anomalous guy : my gugu

I was like "what the fuck"
I was mad and I told my mum who was watching TV in the living room

Mum : ask him why he doesn't want to cut it off lar

Me : oic. why not you just cut it and let everyone see? dumbass.

I learned the word "dumbass" from Lim Fann =.=

I was quite excited when I was answering him
My anger has gone at that moment
Well of course
I deleted that guy from my MSN list and blocked him as well

I made a phone call to my boy right after I did these all
To tell him all about this there's no secret between both of us
He was quite angry for what the guy did to me
And lots of vulgar languages came out from the phone
I could understand his feeling so I tried to comfort him with my happiness
I did it
And we joked a lot after that
So what's your comment about the conversation above


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