21 December 2009

Proficiency Course

I had finally reached it
The 100th post of my dearest blog

I went back to school in the morning of today to attend the proficiency courses
I guess this was the very first time it was being held in our school
And also being held by our own but not the HQ
That's really great
Thanks for the people who organized these all

The first course of today was Fitness Chi Kang was the instructor XD
I thought it would be a very relaxing course
But I was absolutely wrong
We jogged for more than 2 rounds around the sports ground
We have to jog for only 1 round within 2 minutes on the exam day though
The next activity for Fitness was pumping
We have to do 20 times within 5 minutes this is too simple weih
And we did sit up for 20 times within 5 minutes too
The given time to complete sit up is actually enough but we have to do it with another way
Without a partner wtf
I did it successfully anyway
Ngek ngek
The course ended at around 9am which was 1 hour earlier

I think I have to bring a camera on the exam day to capture those funny things

The second course was Signaling
My boy was one of the two instructors
And I was just sitting right in front of him wheeeeeee
He was quite nervous but he said he didn't
Okayyyyyyy I'll TRY to trust you
We didn't talk at all while the course was going on
I applied me myself to study with great concentration
He taught us the Morse codes for all the alphabets and numbers
And also the flag signals

Boredom came to everyone when the course ended just like that
We have nothing to do at all
Sitting in the classroom or walking around at school was the only way to avoid boredom
To wait for our lunches
It was fried rice again damn but better than that evening

Communication with Deaf and Blind was the third course of today
There was only one instructor and he was my boy again
He took only a couple of minutes to teach us the sign languages
And these are all for today

All of the courses are just too simple
Hopefully my nervousness will not drive my confidence away
I will start memorizing everything from tomorrow on
I can't disappoint my boy
No way

Wish me luck pleeeeeeease

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