29 January 2010

AC and NC

I have had a nice, sweet and memorable day, I guess. Not about the temple fair, but it's all about the training for the NC team. It's my first time seeing them training, and everything was out of my expectation indeed. I thought they are much stronger as compared to AC, but they are actually almost the same. They are different in experiences, though. For AC, most of them have been participating in the competition last year but for NC, none. That's the different between both the teams.

We took about half an hour to reach Uma Rani to have our tea break as we're too tired after a very long distance from the school. There are only a few of us ordered our drinks, and I was the only one who ordered food. LOL. >O< Well, I don't mind because I was too hungry by that time. I don't care. We split into a few groups to have some heart-to-heart conversations and to discuss the cases. So, I joined the girls to know more about them. X)

Off to Villa Angsana and had another heart-to-heart conversation again together with the trainer and some of the trainees in the canteen. And so, the girls shed their tears in front of us, which was expected. I'm not going to mention anything that we had chatted during the short period. Let's skip it.

The girls have their training at somewhere else but I don't know what it calls. Hmmm, they are really lacking in confidence and this is quite a serious problem for me. They tried their best to do well in everything, but they failed to make us satisfied all the time. =\

I've told them what I would like to say, and hopefully they can understand everything very well. What I can say is, all the best too five of them. AC and NC, let's cheer together! :)

In addition, it rained heavily right after we ended up the training. We discussed everything such as Mathematics, Wilayah teams and others in the canteen to wait the rain stops. It didn't want to stop at all, though. The canteen was flooded with the rain water due to the strong wind, and our books were all wet. Damn! :S We then headed to Sherlyn's house to wait for my brother. We ate some delicious foods and we drank 100 plus in Sherlyn's house too! Besides, the naughty us played her piano and her computer to avoid boredom. Aha! Thanks Sherlyn, and sorry for disturbing you for around an hour. :D Your house is nice anyway.

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