31 January 2010

Scout Reunion Dinner of 2010

I'm freaking tired mannn!!!!!!! @@ And I feel like want to sleep now.

Hubby received a called from Louis at around 6pm yesterday, asking if he can come and pick us up or not. Yea, but it was still raining heavily and so we suggested him to drive into my house. Vulgar languages hubby could hear from the other side of the phone. Shit! Obviously, Louis was burned with anger, and I was trying my very best to recall everything we've done. We have to find out the reason for why he's in anger. Was it because of us? Fortunately, we're totally wrong. It was all because of the bad weather. Louis was all wet and Kok Wei who's sitting beside him kept quiet all along. Haha!

So we waited for Louis to take a bath and to change clothes. His house was nice, and I thought of the nice house that I have been living in. I truly miss the house and the swings. Andy Cheong was arrived too after scolded by Louis with vulgar languages. LOL! He's really such a bad tempered guy huh. I know, the brothers have already used to it. Roxanne, Louis's younger sister was damn cute. She kept on asking who this is and who that is, but she got the weird answers from the naughty guys. "Your father" in Cantonese was one of the answers she has got. >< After that, Andy Cheong and Kok Wei drove us there.

Okay, we're late. We're supposed to reach there by 6pm. Whoops! Guess who we met at the parking lot? We met Harn and his dai-lou-liked daddy, and two other unknown uncles. Our cars were just right beside theirs. Aha! The scene was spectacular yet stressful to me. The 3 eldest persons among us walked at the front and the others followed at the back, and everyone was wearing neither black nor white so, you can imagine how was it look like. XD Anyway, I envy Harn for having such a daddy. Hahaha! I know I'm so stupid and crazy.

I've got the cute key-chain. Everyone owned each too!

It was my first time having my dinner in the large VIP room in Tenji. WOW!

All the generations of Chong Hwa Scout were enjoying their not-so-delicious foods in the VIP room when we arrived there. Erm, the quality of the foods are becoming less well than before indeed. :S I choose to eat sushi at first as usual, although I know I will be very full after that. I ate raw scallop too!!! Then only I know how delicious a fresh raw scallop is. Yummy! X) Only the raw scallop, no more raw foods can get into my mouth.

The MC of the night.

It was a mini game section at 8:30pm. We're asked to find an angpau from the below of our chairs and then took it out. Hubby got it! He was the very first lucky person too! All of the lucky people have to answer their questions correctly then only they could get their presents, and hubby answered it very well. The question was:

Which of the people below hasn't been an MIC in Chong Hwa Scout?
(a) Aeris Chow
(b) Chow Chung Chuan
(c) Nicholas Kam
(d) Lim Hao Xiang (I don't know his full name)

Hubby's on the stage!!!

The answer was C. OMG! I thought he was. This question is really hurt.

A bear-liked money box is inside there, which looks really cute.

Hubby wanted to give it to me as he doesn't use it, but I rejected because the money box can help to save the memories of the night in Tenji. Keep it nicely, hubby. :) There was another mini game but I've totally forgotten what it was. Sorry.

Harn was one of the lucky persons.

It was time to eat again. Hubby and I went to grab more foods such as fried yam cake, fried mixed vege tempura and etc. It's time for the desserts after all. Their desserts were out of my expectation, though. They're not delicious like before anymore. Damn! Where are my foods and cheese cakes?!

First time drinking the original coconut drink of my own. NICE! :)

Hubby's beer.

Tiramisu and durian cheese cake. I didn't finish the durian cheese cake because erm, I couldn't taste anything.

Hubby's durian cheese cake, mint chocolate cheese cake and green tea cheese cake. But then he gave me the durian cheese cake because he drank beer. Beer cannot mix together with durian!

The only photo of both of us. Urgh!!! T.T

Game section started again but the young generations didn't really take part in it. All the adults treated the beer like their drinking water. I wonder why they could drink that much without feeling uncomfortable or something like that. Can I learn? Well, I mean drink gently but not as crazy as the Chong Hwa Scout. They're really CRAZYYYYYYY!!! Even hubby also drank as like as them, but he's a little better than them. @@ Fortunately he didn't drunk, or else I will not know what I could do to cure that. Haha! The designated adults stood on the stage one by one with a big cup of beer or maybe a jug of beer in their hands, and they finished them. Pro! Do the seniors in CHSJ able to do that? I'm looking forward to see. XD

The uncles having a competition there. Who's the fastest among them to finish a cup of beer? Continue reading to get the answer.

Douglas Lim Chiang Hou!!! He could finish a big cup of beer within 3.5 minutes. SOT!!!!!!! No one could break his record for now mannn!

Some of their faces were red in colour, and they're like going to drunk, especially Chiang Fong! Oh Ah Fong, you really love to sing when you drunk huh? Whoops! Hahahahahahaha! XDDD

It's 12am, and it's almost time to go back home. The guys went to the toilet one by one as they have drank lots of beer, which is really A LOT! A full cup of beer attracted them and they're like couldn’t stop drinking at all. Harn’s fault. XP After all, we followed the dai-lou-liked uncle and his friends to the parking lot. Again, I felt stress while walking together with them. LOL! Something happened when we reached the parking lot. Where are the cars? Hahaha! None of us could remember where we parked the cars. Hence we followed three of them to look for our cars and yea, we found them! Goodbye uncles and Harn, goodbye Andy Cheong and erm, Ken? (I didn't notice who the one who followed Andy Cheong is) Louis came back to us again and off we got back home safely. Phew! The driver, Kok Wei did drink beer but I don't know how much he has drunk. I felt afraid before he drove me home. Hmmm.

Finally, the scout reunion dinner of 2010 has finally over. Too bad I couldn't get to capture any photo. :( It doesn't matter, I can still grab from the people. Wheeeeeee!

Hubby stayed over in my house for one night as it was too late for him to go back home. He accompanied me until 4:30am just to prepare for today's undang exam, and then only we went to bed. We woke up at 6:30am, which was 2 hours after we fell asleep. That's why I said I'm freaking tired today! However, I passed in the exam and now I'm waiting for my L license. Wheeeeeee!!! Congratulations to me myself and Mr. Gan Chi Kang! :D Besides, the kind uncle asked whether we want to skip the amali course or not and straight away start our driving lessons. Beyond doubt, I said yes for sure! Most of us said that too. LOL! Lazy people. So dear little Kancil, let's meet after CNY okay?

In addition, we went to Pappa Rich for brunch and then went back home to study for my undang exam. He stayed in my house all the day. :)

Our hot white coffee.

His bread. He has already eaten something together with his daddy before coming to my house.

My fish and chips. I haven't been eating anything before this.

I want to take a nap now. I must! I'm BLUR.


  1. hahaha the question...
    was he there?

  2. yup he was there! hahaha. he's quite "fish" lo. some of them even said something bad about him wor. hmmm. :S


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