03 January 2010

Be Tough

You have entirely ended up your secondary school life. Yup! It's a sudden change, and I had just known it yesterday.

It was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. I stunned in front of the computer for a few seconds when I read the blog post. You were aggravating the situation, but I know you didn't expect that I would read the post just right after you posted it on our blog.

I had been so moody for almost 2 days, and I mean, it's almost 48 hours I had never been smiling to anyone. I'm sorry. I just couldn't smile honestly.

I wish I could lie and just tell you I'm fine, but I know I couldn't do so. I wish I could be better. I know I will.

You feel so sorry to me, but you don't have to apologize at all. That's your decision, and I'll respect all the decisions that you made. At least, you're still here together with me. I'll miss you all the time, my dear. I love you.

Don't cry. I have to be tough.

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