04 January 2010


It was a very first day of the year 2010 I stepped into my school again, but with different feelings. I stepped into my new class, 6 S Ren, and I saw a lot of familiar faces everywhere in the class. I was so wanted to shout to the people: I am now a form 6 student of Chong Hwa Independent High School!!! Yea, I'm really proud of me myself, and the unwilling feelings were all gone in a sudden. Aha!

My class will be a perfect class among the others, I guess. According to some of my friends, most or maybe all of our teachers are good in teaching, which is very important for those UEC students. I don't know, but I would like to list them out right here (if I could still remember all of them).

Chinese teacher – Chow Siew Chuen 周秀君
English teacher – Nicky Chin Yoong Foh 陈荣火
Bahasa Melayu teacher - Ong Kee Lian 王琪玲
Mathematics teacher – Low Meng Wha 刘明华
Chemistry teacher – Tan Poh Poh 陈宝宝
Physics teacher – Thoo Chin Hing 涂振兴
Biology teacher – Khor Guat Hong 许月凤
Computer 1 teacher – Tan Cheah Wei 陈家伟
Computer 2 teacher – Lew Suet Yeen 刘雪燕
Music teacher – Ang Chian Yi 洪倩怡
Art teacher – Toh Choo Kee 卓硃趣
PA teacher – Tang Soon Chong 董顺忠


Kindly let me know if I had mistaken some of the teachers. Thank you. X)

Now you can see who will be my teachers in my last year of being a student in CH. So fortunately I have good teachers to help to end up my secondary school life. I'm looking forward to see the good results that we make with the cooperation of everyone in the class. Do you? Cheer! :D

P/S: I am the secretary of the class!!! Damn! >O<

You have left the school, entirely. I'm still not getting use with it. I lose the direction of being alone in the school.

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