06 January 2010

2nd Anniversary

Everything has gone as normal as what we used to do in the past two years, but the condition had changed. You went to school without wearing your school uniform, and also without any book and bag but with just a plastic file. You went to get all the procedures of leaving the school completed. You went to look for me, and to celebrate our anniversary together with me. Well, I wasn't in a very happy mood, though. I'm so sorry for my failure to control my feelings. :( You left the school, it's a fact. I must have to accept it even though it's really difficult to me.

Alright, alright, let's return to the topic, and stop the sadness over here. I would rather make me myself better, and even tougher.

The dishes

All that we ate. But I didn't touch the wasabi, only he likes it.

The me and the him. X)

It's our 2nd anniversary today. We didn't plan anything as my schooling time is so not suitable to go anywhere like Times Square or Sungei Wang or some other better places. Too bad, isn't it? That's my school. =.= So we went to the Sushi King in Kepong Jusco to have a simple meal, which is really "simple". LOL! >O< We ate only sushi in the restaurant as we didn't know what kind of set meal should we order. As a result, we had paid more than RM60 for our meal, in total, and this is the so-called SIMPLE meal. XDDD Sorry my dear, I know I used a lot of your money recently. I'll surely pay for that. but I know you will not want me to pay :S

We then hanged around in the shopping complex to avoid boredom. Hmmm, I was still wearing my school uniform, but he placed his arm on my shoulders and we just walked around from here to there. I was a bit afraid to meet any teacher or whatever, but I know he wouldn't want to care anything about it. Yea, it's all because I'm his girl. :)

He sent me back to my home, and it meant it's time to say goodbye. Also, it's time to start missing him. The sadness came to me again and again without caring of my feelings. SHIT YOU!!! So we ended up everything with a goodbye kiss, and he left. When will be the next time we meet? There's no answer. He said the earliest will be on next Wednesday. It is one week after today. Should I tears for that? No way. I had promised to be tougher.

I had become much more emotional after you left the school.

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