06 January 2010

Mr. Chin

Wheeeeeee. Everything had finally started 2 days after the school reopened, it's today! I wonder why I am so excited now. LOL! Well, it's true that those in 6 S Ren were gone crazy during the 6th period of today. It was an English period. The weather was quite hot but none of us has been influenced by that. Most of us were so damn excited and this is just because of a person, Mr. Chin, our freeeaaaaaaaking funny English teacher.

Here, I would like to introduce Mr. Chin in a short paragraph, and follow by some of the descriptions about him in the next few paragraphs. X) I had just found his full name from our school magazine. His name is Nicky Chin Yoong Foh. Nicky, that sounds a little funny but I know I shouldn't laugh at one's name. Ah I'm trying to endure it anyway. He is just as like as the KFC uncle, but I'm sorry that this is so difficult to explain in words. Not only me, the others said that too. Haha! Besides, he has a super-duper-hyper-big tummy, which is always being protected by his belt. XDDD

Ladies and gentlemen, he said he is 64 years old and is going to 65. Have you been seeing a 64-year-old person jumping here and there in the class acting like a child?! I couldn't believe my ears when he told us his real age. I was so damn shocked! While he walked into our classroom, stepped on the stage and said good morning to us, we started to feel excited for no reason. When we were laughing non-stop for what he said, he wanted us to calm down but none of us could. So, guess what? He jumped on the stage and then he pulled his long pants, and we're like the so-called (L)augh (M)y (A)ss (O)ff? Am I right for the usage of LMAO? >O< I couldn't stop laughing at what he did in front of all of us without feeling shame. Gosh!

And now I would like to ask, do you think this is a 64-year-old person used to be? So now do you know why I was so shocked when I first knew his real age? By the way, he will be a very good English teacher, I guess. :D I'm praying for that. Hahaha!

In addition, I dislike the Physics teacher among the others that we met today. :(

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