11 January 2010

Main Course

Obviously, I'm going to tell something about my future. X)

There was a mini education fair which was all about the universities and colleges of Hong Kong held in my school, and the school wanted all those form 6 students to attend it for about an hour and a half.

Can I just ignore the boring part? Without waiting for your permissions, I'm here to skip it! Aha.

So I walked around in the hall together with Yiek Jiun to know more about some courses. I could tell honestly that I have no target at all at that time and so I took every of the information books without noticing what the university or college is. LOL! As a result, I have to bring back those things that are really heavy when I held them altogether with my books in my hands. Duh!

Hmmm, I asked Mei Yu what course does she interested in when I met her in the hall, and her answer was really frightened me. It is early childhood education, and it is a course that I have been looking for so damn long. I thought there is no such a course in the world, but I was absolutely wrong, and I had just realized it today. Thanks a lot Mei Yu! :D

So, is the course suit me?

In fact, I wanted to study something like bakery and I thought my family and my relatives would support me. Unexpectedly, they wanted me to continue my form 6. :( It's too bad, but fine. Mum has told me something few days ago, and I think that's quite a good way for me to go. She said I shouldn't take bakery as the main course because I wouldn't have more choices when I graduate from the school later. According to her suggestion, I should take a main course and bakery as an additional course. So, what do you think? :)

Your suggestions would be much appreciates.

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