10 January 2010

First Sunday

It's the very first Sunday since after the school reopened. Excited! I don't know why I am being so excited, though. X) Is this because I can take a very looong rest after busying for about six days? Well, there is still a very looooooong journey for me to go until the UEC is over. Hmmm.

I woke up at around 10am and I lied on my bed for about half an hour. Aha! That's what I used to do when I have no school on that day. We went for our breakfast and then headed to Kepong Carrefour to shop for some times. I had finally bought a wallet after years.

We then had our tea time at Secret Recipe in Desa ParkCity as my mum wanted to go to the Maybank. Their services are really lousy enough duh. They did the other orders that came after us, and our drinks haven't been appearing in front of us so my mum just paid for the foods and we left the restaurant. Damn! >< We went back home after all.

In addition, mum has finally got enough sleep after my grandparents went back to Mentakab. She said she woke up at 10am today, which is really late as compared to the time she used to wake up. I'm not going to put the blames on both my dearest grandparents because we would surely stop the incident from happening on my grandpa if we could know it earlier, right? I'm still worrying of my grandparents :X The bestial was one of the reasons for why my mum couldn't get enough sleep when my grandparents were still here staying in my house. Hmph! No matter what, hopefully my mum could stay healthy all the time. :)

I'm going out to Daorae for dinner in a few. Wheeeeeee! :D

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