22 January 2010

My Dream

All of the form 6 students have been to a mini education fair of the universities and colleges of Canada, which was held by the school. I have found somewhere that I am really interested in. I love their life style and the beauty of the places around the university.

University of Victoria.

Yup! That is the university that I mean. Besides the places around there, I'm interested in two of the courses in the university. One of them is the child and youth care, and another one is photography that is my second choice. Hell yea, I'm so wishing to go!

Me: Daddy, I have just gone to a Canada education fair. And I found a university which I'm really interested in, University of Victoria.

Dad: Alema, you know how expensive to study in Canada? I think this U is in British Columbia, west coast of Canada. It is not too cold compare to where daddy's U is, Ottawa. (and I was like o.O where is it)

Me: Hahaha. Daddy said alema. Hahahahahahaha! Har, need to pay a lot ar? I didn't ask for more information because the "angmo" were leaving at that time. I couldn't get to ask them. Besides the child and youth care, I'm also interested in photography, and the university has both of them.

Dad: What course you intend to take up? Canada is a very beautiful country and it is always daddy's dream to take mummy there, only mummy. Hehehe. Especially during the fall. Fall means autumn. During autumn, the maple leave slowly turn from green to yellow and then red. It is very beautiful. The weather is cool, not cold. It is the best time of the year. That is why they call the autumn season fall.

Me: Daddy, my saliva is flowing out from my mouth lar!!!

Dad: Hehehehe.


LOL! I told my dad all about it, and this is the conversation between both of me and him. I'm absolutely attracted by the beauty of Canada, just like how my dad described.

Hmmm. I know my parents have to spend a lot of money if I study in Canada. I'm still considering about it however. There are still a lot of times for me to consider about it.


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