22 January 2010

Mr. Kong

I have had an ever longest conversation with Mr. Kong Hong Fai, someone who is being extremely narcissism all the time. LOL! It happened at around 5:30pm, while I was waiting for the arrival of my neighbour in the hall.

There are still some conversations between me, Mr. Kong and Jason, but every funny thing happened before and after Jason left the school together with Rebecca. So I'm going to skip those normal parts and straight away start the ABNORMAL one. X)

Mr. Kong: Hey your boyfriend isn't here right?

Me: Huh? Yup he is not here right now.

Mr. Kong: He is really not here right?

Me: Yes, why?

Mr. Kong: Oh. Phew! Finally we can talk.

Me: Huh?! What are you talking about?

Mr. Kong: No lah. I'm always afraid to talk to you when he is here.

Me: Eh? Why?!?!?!

Mr. Kong: I'm afraid of being hit by him if I talk to you.

Me: Hahaha!!!!!!! What the hell are you talking about!? He doesn't hit people just because of this okay?

Mr. Kong: Do you talk to guys when he is there beside you?

Me: Why not? I always talk to guys even though he's just right beside me.

Mr. Kong: I'm afraid of that mar.

Me: ....... (with the face of =.=)

And this is the part that I mean. Damn you! Mr. Kong. >O<

There is an additional part that happened before the conversation above. He was nearly killed by me because of his tak-boleh-tahan stupidity. ARGH!!!

Mr. Kong to Jason: Who is the girl with a familiar face huh? (he was pointing to me with funny actions while asking Jason the stupid question)

But I didn't get angry because of this for sure! :D So Mr. Kong, now do you know how generous I am? But please be sure that you're always improving yourself to be cleverer, although everyone knows that you will not get to improve your cleverness no matter how.

Hahaha! X)

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