21 January 2010

Appreciate The Time Left

Guys, you have no much time so please appreciate the time left before you step into the competition.

I had received some of your messages just now. One of you was to thank me and another one was to apologize for what he did today. I didn't want to receive any of them, though. And I'm so sorry that I will not going to accept any of them no matter how.

Please remember that you're in the team to get our beloved CHSJ goes well, and to get you yourselves and the quality of CHSJ improve all the time. No thanks and apologies. We, as the seniors of yours, would like to see the improvement of all of you, even the member of CHSJ. Please be sure that you're staying here with your true-heart.

We're always there for all of you. We're always there waiting for your questions, which are cannot be solved. We sincerely love our juniors indeed. :)

Once again. CHEER! :D

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