21 January 2010

Team Of AC

At last, I kept my self-promised and I went to see the way the AC team train for the state competition. And I've got something from their very first case that I've ever seen. It is just a word, disappoint. Everything was out of my expectation indeed. I thought they are not as lousy as what Chi Kang and Park Min said, but I was totally wrong when I saw everything with my own eyes. And I was totally speechless until the moment when everyone sat down to have some talks.

Guys, do you know what you are actually doing? Do you know what kind of roles you're actually playing in the training? Do you know how many things you must have to prepare before everything starts? Do you know what kind of feelings you should have to prepare before you join the training? Do you know what kind of thing that all of you are lacking in? No you don't. None of you know anything about these all.

Dear all, I could honestly tell that all of you have no self-confidents at all. This is what I've got after the first case of today. Please don't ask me or anyone else what you should do to improve your self-confidents. Everything is depends on you yourselves. You'll have your own way to improve it. Besides, all of you are completely lacking in responsibilities. Did you think wisely before you made your decision to join the training? This is not a kind of fun. Take it seriously boys. It is not something that you can just simply give up due to your own feelings. You know you have the responsibilities to complete everything in a very good way, without feeling sorry to anyone or anything. You know your apologies are just too not enough to compensate everything. Don't forget what Sherlyn has told y'all today.

Lastly, please respect the people around you no matter who they are. You must know that attitude is always the most important among all of the others.

I think y'all should think the rest ones all by yourselves. You're not a kid anymore. Be good! We are here to teach you everything we could teach, but not to solve your problems. Think wisely, and make your right decision, and tell Sherlyn after that.

I sincerely hope I'll get good news from Chi Kang later on. Best wishes to all of you. CHEER! :D

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