16 January 2010

Recalled The CHSJ's

Dear Mr. Gan, I found that I really hate you so much because of your blog post. Urgh! I nearly tears because of it mannn!!!

Alright. Just ignore the nonsense part. LOL!

Obviously, I had finished reading the blog post that Sherlyn mentioned today. That is a kind of sadness for me, but it is quite touching in the meantime. I recalled a lot of what I have been doing in this lovely society, CHSJ. I realized that I really love it very much. I thought I have already given up my hope for its good as the quality and the quantity are decreasing bit by bit. The feelings of family in this society are getting stronger, which is not easy to realize, or I shall say I didn't really enjoy in the past. I'm sorry.

I truly miss the past times when I was still a junior of the seniors who are still studying in CH. I don't miss the time when I was being an RIC, though. I'm telling you honestly. That's a nightmare to me, and I mean it's unmemorable at all besides some of the times when I was being together with the kids. There are lots of gangs appeared in the committees, and I was always lonely because I couldn't join them at all. I couldn't understand what they were talking about at all. It's just as like as how Sherlyn feels nowadays. You would never know how scary is it, and how sad is it. Words are too not enough to describe all the feelings. Not only the committees, I was always being disconnected in the society. I couldn't get to know any news because I was always being together with the kids during society time. Yea, I used to be the last person who got to know everything. What's your feeling when you are me? Try to imagine if you would like to know.

Just as same as Mr, Gan, I didn't really support the mini letterbox since after don't-know-which year. I got letters from the juniors and seniors, but I didn't reply them at all. Forgotten will be the only reason for why. X) I'm so sorry to them and so, I will be starting this kind of writing job again in the last year of mine for being in CHSJ. CHEER! Aha!

Skiiiiiiippp! :]

I'm here to start my story about RIC, although it is really sad enough to me. T.T It brought a lot of tears and complaints to me, which was so damn difficult to suffer. I have got a lot of suggestions from the seniors such as Weng Hoong and Valerie, but they're all useless. I felt so useless to be in the society at that time. 50% attendance for meetings hurt me a lot, and I mean A LOT. Time and tide wait for no man. I have no time to tears for them and so I decided to do everything all alone, without any concerns. I know I was wrong but I didn't know what else I could do. You would never know what the feelings are when everyone is not going to bother you. Haha. Because of these, our friendships have gone to somewhere I don't know. I lost the friendships! I was so hurtful for sure, but I have no idea and I was totally blurred for what I wanted to have. Fine. It's all became past tense. Hopefully I could help Park Min to avoid those troubling stuffs. I trust that we could do it in a very good way.

I'm trying to get back the memories before the year comes to an end. I've decided to bring a camera to every of my society time to record all the memories. :D

One last word to end up the sadness.


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