18 January 2010

Shitty Day

I left earlier than scheduled today as I had been to the toilet for twice within an hour and a half because of the great shitty stomachache. OUCH! I felt so uncomfortable at that time, but I have no idea what else I can do. I sms-ed my mum to ask whether she can comes and picks me up or not.

Yes!!! Mum came to school to pick me up right after VV ended up her interview in Kota Damansara. I was preparing to say goodbye to my classmates for half of the day. LOL!

Waited waited waited and waited and finally, I received my mum's message. She wanted me to look for VV in the office, but according to the law of CH, students are always disallowed to leave the classroom just like that. So I replied her followed by the way to solve the problem. And blah blah blah. Teacher has finally allowed me to step out of the classroom with all my bags and books and everything that belongs to me. I heard some birds-talks while I was on the way to the office. THE FAT AUNTYYY!!!!!!! Hmmm.

The AUNTIES who are working in the office scolded me and VV in the different times because of their shitty problems. DAMN! Guess what? The fat aunty who came to bring me out of the classroom said something HILARIOUS to me.

Red as me; blue as the fat aunty.

「你高三了吼?做么你还不知道不舒服就要去救伤室休息的咩?」She said this rudely. Hey please. I'm form 6 but it doesn't mean I used to do this kind of stuffs okay?! You dumb dumb.

「因为我要上一些重要的课。」Honestly, I didn't be as like as the fat aunty. I talked to her politely.

「你不可以这样的你知道吗?我们学校没有特地走上来带你下去这个服务的。难道要请一个助理来为你们跑上跑下吗?」Awww! Now you can see how rude the fat aunty was.

I all the way kept quiet because I didn't want to continue such a FUNNY and SHITTY conversation. Hey, you can just resign if you want to complain so much. Please! You're not a teacher or whatever so please stop all your rudeness to the students okay?! Even teachers also not allowed talking like that to the students, so what about you, Ms. Fat Aunty?! Dumbass!!! Blame the school for giving you such a HEAVY job if you want to complain again. Other than that, as a patient, I have the right to choose my way. Please shut your mouth up if you don't know these all.

Now you can see how lousy the school is, and this is one of the reasons for why the students hate the school. I love CH at first but now, I have no feeling anymore. I don't feel proud at all. I'm so sorry for that.


Here, I would like to thanks to my mum for coming to fetch me from Kota Damansara. I know I'm an irritating daughter. Thank you. Besides, I would like to thanks VV for doing all the procedures for me. I made a lot of troubles to her I know. Thank you very much. :) Thanks to my classmates who said goodbye to me. LOL! Felicia? Yup! Yeik Jiun? Yea! Wing Shen? Ahem. I didn't give any response but I smiled at him. Bing Ran? I heard that but I couldn't manage to give any response to her. Sorry. Thanks Chin Thong for being so gentleman by opening and closing the door for me. I'm so thankful to all of you!!! :D

Yea, I love my class, yet I hate form 6. Duh! Shitty life is still going on.

By the way, I have been to the toilet for trice. :(

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