22 February 2010


Some problems appeared when the activities just started, but they're solved before getting worse. Everything didn't really go well but still, I feel great satisfaction over everything that happened these days. :) I love the days indeed. I sincerely thanks to all my dearest juniors and friends, especially those who organized such activities.

First of all, it was a gathering on 20th of February for those who graduated from neither 6A nor 6D in the year 2004. That's a very long time ago and finally we have got the chance to gather again. Dear went there together with me too. I would like to say, I love it so much! We had our lunch in Tenji, Soho KL and we took some photos to keep those sweet memories and to share with every one of us. 22 of us attended this gathering, which is considered as MANY. Some of them went to visit those who lived in Bandar Menjalara and Desa Park City for some angpaus after that but I didn't go at the end. One of my high heels had some stupid problems so that's it. :S However, it is still great enough for me. Ki Yip, who had changed a lot as compared to 6 years ago, talked to dear like the so-called 38. He is so much different indeed. Hahaha!

Take one.

Take two.

Thanks Irene for taking this photo for us. :D

After all, dad and mum drove us back for me to change other high heels. Mum gave an angpau to hubby and we're a bit shocked for mum's action. LOL! After that, we headed to Beng Han's house in Segambut for the BBQ gathering. Wheeeeeee! X) Can I just ignore the stories and let the photos tell everything? I'm so lazy to type that long. Aha!

All belong to Beng Han. o.O!!!

Time for PS2. >.<

Cutting the dried pork meat.

Helping out there.

Prepared by the adults. Thank you! :)

The chairs.

The one who always busied for the fire. Hmmm.

Boys and girls.

The "yee sang".

Adui. @@

The yummy one. Thanks aunt!

Her job. XDDD

Nicholas: "Wei! Wei ah!!!" XD

Chicken wings. When I was capturing, red colour light appeared on the chicken wings. Thomas: "Why are the chicken wings have colour?" Hahahahahahaha!!!

The sweet plus 38 girl.

The tallest to the shortest.

Playing poker cards. Don't worry, they didn't gamble.

Cleaning the table.

Have you ever seen anyone having BBQ with two fans beside? Haha!

Cleaning job. The KIDS are playing around with the water. XD

The next day after the BBQ, dear and I went to the Mid Valley after having breakfast at Restaurant Ikar. What a delicious fish head noodles. Slrrrrrrrppp! X) We went there to celebrate Andrea's birthday, but the time we arrived there was too early. So, we decided to walk around in the shopping center. Never did I expect to walk that long until both my legs were in great pain because of high heels. I was forced to buy a pair of new shoes. Due to the Chinese tradition, we're not allowed to buy shoes during Chinese New Year because of the word "鞋" can be read as "邪". It took me a very long time to consider about it. >.< Finally, I bought a pair of new shoes before meeting the others in The Gardens. There are eight persons attended this birthday celebration, included the birthday girl, Andrea. "She" attended as well. We're all the way eating non-stop. LOL! And the so-called birthday celebration ended up in Secret Recipe, a cake shop with freaking lousy services. We dismissed at around 5:30pm, and I didn't want to go because I don't know when else I can meet my boy again. :( However, we have to dismiss no matter how. Everything has come to an end after dad and mum came and picked me up. I'll miss you always, my dear. I said this secretly in my heart while walking towards my parent's car. I love you dear. And I'm so sorry for sticking you like a chewing gum all along until you're quite difficult to join your friends.

So, these are my activities for only these two days. I'll surely miss the days we have been staying altogether. :D

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