23 February 2010


As what I planned to do last night before I fell asleep, I lied. You might think I have made a bold lie, or I'm a great liar, but please consider about my feelings before you say that. However, half of it was true.

I fell asleep at around 3am. Before that, I planned to tell her that I'm having headache so I wish to skip classes again today. I planned to lie. Never did I expect that it would come true. My head was like so heavy and I was so damn uncomfortable when my mum woke me up at 6:10am. I told her I was having headache so I don't want to go to school. Just as what I planned, I told her, but I was having headache indeed.

I'm bad, I know. I did this for my own good, I know I know. I just don't want to study something I don't understand at all. I cried like hell in my room just because of this hell. Please, let me stop!

P/S: The school SMS my mum to tell that I didn't attend the classes today. LOL!

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