24 February 2010


Again, I shed my tears because of that rubbish stuff again. What the FUCK HELL?! They just simply love to force me on something I dislike or something I hate, which I don't know why.

So suffer to stay in the class listening something I don't understand at all. I've tried my best to concentrate but I couldn't. I felt like running away without caring the teachers' feelings. They want me to stay to enjoy my secondary school life but I don't think I'm enjoying. Haha! That's funny. -_______-

While I was sitting in my brother's car, he talked a lot to me. He said nothing othing about how good the UEC is, but all about the differences between it and A-level, and foundation as well. I persist that form 6 doesn't suit me at all but still, he wanted me to stay. I do prefer college life to secondary school life that is under those lousy systems. I just can't ignore their systems. ISH!


By the way, ZM, I need your advice. I don't know what to do indeed. I'll deeply appreciate.

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