11 February 2010

Bad Stuff

I stayed back again today after school. I planned to leave the stupid school at 5pm, but something caused me left the school late at 5:30pm. It is 2 days before the Chinese New Year starts, but bad things happened again and again.

In the first instance, the stupid system in school is so damn terrible recently. The air-conditional in our classroom kept on offing automatically during classes, during the freaking hot and bad weather. I kept on sweating in school these days. Changing dry clothes has become a habit of mine every day after school. I can't bear this weather at all indeed. I'm so waiting for a rainy day recently.

Other than that, there're two cases happened in once today, which made us turned busy in a sudden. :S At first a guy ran to the canteen to inform us that there's someone fainted in the sports ground. As usual, we ran there to see if the patient needs help. Sherlyn and I walked around in the sports ground but everyone was busy talking with their friends. No one looked like fainting at all. At last, we found Xiao Yun and then only we found the casualties over there. LOL! Okay, there're just abrasions on their knees and elbows and there's no serious matter. We then walked back to the canteen to continue chatting crazily like what we used to do. I received Pei Wen's call at that moment and guess what? A case happened in the sports ground again. =_______= Alright, let's go Sherlyn. Sorry Chi Kang for leaving you at the back when you wanted to talk to me because you know, a casualty was there waiting for our help and so. =\ I HATE RUNNING UNDER THE FREAKING BRIGHT SUN MANNN! >< Well, it's all fine because of the case. I've told you that I'm kind. Hahaha! So we found the guy who was pushed by his friend and fell on to the floor after finding around beside the football field. He was crying like hell. We suspected that he has a fracture or maybe dislocation on his elbow, and his ankle was sprained I think. Skip the processes! After all we managed him onto the wheelchair and we brought him to meet an aunty who is a doctor at the front door. What a looooooong journey for a person who's in a great pain. After checking, the boy was actually having some kind of slight injuries on his left elbow and left knee. No big trouble at all. So we accompanied him until his dad arrived school and we brought him to the car. Everything has ended. :)

So, I'm telling you how much I dislike bad thing when happy thing is coming over me. :( I know this is not under my control. Tooooooo bad! Aha! Anyway, hopefully good thing can happen to everyone of us tomorrow. Me too? :D

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