07 February 2010

Caring Friends

It's been a very long time hubby doesn't go to school to give me a visit because of his dad. I'm sad and I miss him very much but I can do nothing. Well, I've get use with it so there is no more sadness anymore just because of this. I'm tough! :) I'll keep it up. Trust me.

Some of my friends guessed that we're facing problems in our relationship, and they worried about us as well. Hahaha! I'm proud to have such caring friends like them. X)

Here, I would like to tell you people that we're currently doing great and everything goes very well like out of my expectation indeed. These are all just because he has to help out his dad in a shop and he's unable to leave there if unnecessary. Too bad I know, but nothing we can do. Our relationship has gone much better than before, though. Please don't worry of us my dearest friends. Thanks a lot to you people for your concerns anyway.

I miss you still, hubby.

It's time to go to bed. It is now 2:02am. =\

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