05 February 2010

Short Sentences

It shall be a day for me to rest, but still, I have to get all my homework done before going to my bed tonight. :( I'm always busying for lots of stuffs this week. BUSY! I hate the word. I can't leave it, though. Too bad!

I can only type short sentences to blog what I would like to blog due to the limited time. Will update more about the nice days when I'm free. =\

AC, I'm totally speechless for what you have done yesterday. Hopefully you people can really cheer up well. Don't disappoint everyone around you please. Obviously, I'm begging y'all to be cleverer. Why did you apologize in the past? You did it just to comfort us?! Please behave yourselves.

Secondly, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming tomorrow, but I don't feel like want to go. The rule had changed. The freedom has gone. Well, you know I will not absent no matter how. That's me! stupid me

Thirdly, I'm looking forward to the Chinese New Year which is coming on next Saturday. I want to meet my lovely cousins so badly! :) In the meantime, I'll not have any chance to meet hubby during the holidays until my dad goes back for work. What a bad news!

I have to go now, I guess. Time is really limited, and I must go to bed before 12am. Sigh! I'm freaking afraid of headache! Good night.

Our love relationship is going better although we have never been meeting for almost a week. Here, I could proudly tell that we're even much sweeter than before. :D I love the happiness that he brings to me every single second. Hubby, I love you so much! 

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