07 February 2010

The Child

The children nowadays are so different as compared to us when we're still their ages. Everything they do is always out of our expectation. Do you agree with me? LOL! X)

Well, there is one in CHSJ. Most of the inside jokes are all about her and everything happens automatically. Oh nope! It started from Gan Chi Kang and now it happens on Park Min and Nicholas. You know what I mean, so I'm not going to explain it at all. It is not good to say it out right here because she may link to my blog too! It would be best if you just ignore it and don't ask me privately ever.

Ask the boys if you really wish to know. Aha! Don't blame me because I don't want to be busybody like YOU! XD

Honestly, I hate such thing happens in my beloved society. =\

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