19 March 2010

First Facial Treatment

As what my mum said, she sent me to her friend's house for a facial treatment at around 10am just now. In fact that I was afraid of going there because of the results my cousins have got, but still, I stepped into the house in the end.

Aunty asked me to lie down on the bed as usual. Everything started and I couldn't feel regret anymore. :| I was still afraid of the coming misfortune. Ish! I was like lying on the surgical table waiting to be butchered. LOL!

Soon, the aunty took the equipments and put them near to me. Although I couldn't see them, the sound of the steel knocking the glass made my hair standing on end. Gosh! I was too nervous indeed. The aunty started to press ALL my pimples out, which was really freaking suffer for me. Ouch! You wouldn't know how the feeling is if you don't try. Those hidden pimples were so pity to be picked by the aunty as well, by using a real sharp needle. She gave me a mirror so that I could see what she was doing on my face. She was really cruel enough to press that hard on my face. T_______T I know she did that was just to kill all the pimples on my face, I know. =\ Tears were rolling in my eyes but I managed to stop them from shedding down. Guess how long the process took. It took about two hours to end up such devilish treatment. TWO HOURS!!! I was like shouting for help in my mind.

The aunty then started to wash my face and she applied a mask gel on my face. She massaged my head and my neck so that I could relax well. I fell asleep unknowingly. About half an hour later, she came into the room again and started to apply some skin-care products on my face. Fortunately, those products did not make me as pain as the time when she picked my pimples. Everything ended at around 1:45pm and I telephoned my mum.

My mum's arrival released my nervousness indeed. :) The aunty recommended some of her skin-care products that are suitable to me. In the end, mum decided to buy a clarifying gel and a purifying lotion which actually doesn't look like a lotion. Hahaha! :X Hence, from now on, I have to stop using the toner and the moisturizer that I used to use as my face is full of wounds right now. Red spots are now all over my face. Damn! I cannot step out from my house anymore until the wounds cure.

BUT! I will be having my very first driving lesson tomorrow morning. Will the uncle faint when he sees me tomorrow? I don't know. Well, I know that it is not important to be seen by just an uncle, but I may lose my first  impression on my teacher - the uncle. I need HEEELLLLLLLPPP! :(

I swear that I will never lie down on the bed ever again. Never!!!

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