18 March 2010

The Blog Post

I'm going to spend my time blogging all about good or bad things happened within these days. My four-days-three-nights roommate has already gone back to her house as we have no more classes on the coming days.

Goodbye, Mr. Lau. Hahahahahahaha! XDDD

I came home with full of tiredness every day after the classes. Ish! Each of his classes took only two hours per day but in the meantime, it brought our spirits away. Learning Calculus under such kind of condition is really suffered to me. No matter how, everything has gone away and I'm finally free from the jail. LOL! I need a long rest indeed!

I went to join CHSJ right after the class ended on Tuesday. Before that, I have promised my classmates to help them out for the embellishing toilet stuffs. I did my promise. I went to join them half an hour after Mr. Andy Choo taught in the class. My poor skin didn't allow me to touch the strong bleaching agents as I could easily feel itchy if so. Hence, I walked around to look for something to do so that I wouldn't be too free. I wanted to help them so badly. I washed the basins and those dirty places when the girls ended their jobs. All of a sudden, someone came to me and said that I was wasting the water. I was like "Huh?!" as I was a little bit shocked for what she said. I explained what I was doing but she didn't want to listen to me at all. She repeated unceasingly that she saw me using too much water and she ensured that I was wasting all the time. Wth! She did nothing on the cleaning stuffs but now she came and talked to me with such kind of rubbish tone or manner of speaking. Who the hell she is?! I passed the pipe to Bepu and I straight away walked away from the toilet. I went back to CHSJ 10 minutes after resting in the class calming down me myself. Damn her!

As usual, a test about everything we have taught was given to the kids. Again, I was the one who marked their papers. At first, I was quite happy to mark those papers as I found that they're getting improved. Soon, I found that some of them got 7.5 or even 4.5 out of 30. Wtf! D: I wonder why they're so lazy to spend a little part of their time on first aid theory. Why? They're trying to give the disappointments to us again, eh? Hopefully they will do some heart-searching to find out what's wrong with the results they have got. Sigh.

Energy-less. I don't know what else I can do. These are what I meant in the blog post.

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