14 March 2010

Education Fair In KLCC

I'm back from the education fair in KLCC. It was my very first time attending such an education fair as I thought I do not need to attend any of the education fairs when I was still 16 or 17. LOL! I planned to attend it together with my boy, but something or maybe someone stopped him from leaving the shop and so, we couldn't get to go together. I scolded the word "F" when I was replying his message because of his eldest brother. Ish!!! In the end, I went there together with my mum and my eldest brother.

There're so many people in the hall, and everyone was packed like sardine. I was not an exception. Crowds of people can be seen in everywhere. We could only look for some spaces to walk through so that we wouldn't be lacked of oxygen. The crowd right in front of one of the stalls that displayed delicious cookies and cakes was the most serious one, and most of them were aunties. Aha! Yea, aunty used to snatch things during the promotions or during the exhibitions. XD Hence, I walked into the crowd and I snatched a delicious blueberry cheese cake to satisfy my pity little stomach. Those steps took only 5 minutes, and I guess it was worth doing to me. Wheeeeeee!

During the visit, my dearest brother kept on asking me to do this and that just to gain some benefits. A pen, a paper bag, or even an environmental protection bag could satisfy him easily. Wth! But we had a lot of funs in the hall. Some of them had become our jokes in a very sudden, but for no reason. Hahaha! That's why we're from Ong's family. X)

Well, there's nothing much to tell about the visit to the education fair. We took our lunch in DÔME Café, a café that was originated in Perth, Western Australia. Their foods are nice, but their services were out of my expectation. :S We expected too much, I know. But such kind of lousy services shouldn't be appeared in such a nice place. The waiters and the waitress in the café spoiled their first impression on me.

After the lunch, we walked back to the car park but we stopped at the convention center once again. Guess what? My mum wanted to grab more environmental protection bags. -_______- Hahahahahahaha! She's really crazy with those bags, and she loves to bring those bags along when she goes shopping. She is so aunty indeed. Shhh! XDDD I was the youngest among three of us and therefore, I was the one who went to grab the bags. We laughed secretly every time when one of my missions completed.

All of a sudden, we bumped into a huge stall of Berjaya University College of Hospitality. A woman came and asked if we need her help. In the end, I got to know more about tourism management and it becomes one of my choices for my future study. Mum likes the course too! She had been mentioned about it for quite a few times. I'll start searching for more information about it. :)

We went back home after all. I was deeply asleep while we're on the way back to Kepong as the weather was too hot and it made me uncomfortable. Sin Ee reached there after me. LOL!

I'm blurred for all the day. I couldn't blog well. I'm sorry. I'm still not feeling happy. I'm so not Jia Min today.

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