05 March 2010

First Training

Facebook is popular in anywhere indeed. Four of my recruits among five play Facebook, and there are only three of them play MSN. LOL!

It's a very first day of our training. Hell yea, I'm freaking tired right now, and my throat is not feeling well because I have been screaming for more than one hour during the training. Don't worry. I know I won't get a sore throat. :)

Everything didn't go as well as I thought today. I mean the training. Everything I planned was destroyed by the heavy rain, and I couldn't get to complete the schedule of mine. I thought of teaching them the way we used to do the exercises, but in the end I could only teach them the skills of pumping and sit up. The rain is really a great destroyer sometimes. :( Never mind, though. I've told you I'm a kind person. Wheeeeeee!

BUT!!!!!!! Everything was out of my expectation. I thought they would prepare well for my Q&A section, but I was wrong. Only a girl could answer almost all the questions I asked her. Alright, you might say that she's just too lucky today, but there's still someone who couldn't answer my questions at all. Hopefully I will not get any disappointment tomorrow, as like as last year. OMG! My recruits in the year 2009 gave me a lot of nightmares! :S No matter how, hopefully what I hope may come true.

Cheer! My dear boys and girls. :D

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