07 March 2010

Korean Restaurants

It was a very first time we had Korean food in the afternoon. We did not take any breakfast as we woke up at around 11am, so it was supposed to be our brunch but lunch for the others. X) They wanted to eat in somewhere else, but the cycling competition spoiled their plan. In the end, we decided to stop at Or-Ju Korean Restaurant in Taman Usahawan, Kepong. It was recommended by my eldest brother although we have been there for once or twice to take dinner.

There we go! All of us ordered their lunch sets to have some new tries. I ate unagi rice set but it was actually as normal as the others. Well, I know I was wrong by having Japanese food in Korean Restaurant. LOL! It doesn't matter, though. Their mixed vege rice is highly recommended indeed! It is a must to try. :D Each of the lunch set costs only RM7.90, which is worth to be eaten. One lunch set is actually enough to make your stomach full, although it's too much for me. :S People, besides Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, this is quite a nice place too. But, still, I prefer Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant to Or-Ju Korean Restaurant, which I don't know why. XDDD

Please enjoy! Wheeeeeee!


  1. I seriously need to go to those two Koreans restaurants when I'm in Malaysia this summer!

  2. Hahaha! Yea! I'll surely join if I've nothing important to do. I'm waiting! :DDD


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