24 March 2010

Goodbye and Take Care

As what I said yesterday, I went back to my school again, but I wore my school uniform. This may be my very last time wearing the school uniform, I guess. :(

After taking the form from one of the workers in the dean's office, I walked to my class as I have a lot of free times. I stood outside of the classroom, waiting for the one I would like to meet. Soon, she appeared on the corridor. Yes, she is my five-year classmate, Felicia.

Once I stepped into my classroom, some of them looked at me. They wouldn't know how hurt I am when I heard what they said, even though they're just joking around. "Leave as soon as possible if you want to! Why are you still here?" they said something like that to me. They're just nothing to me, and so I will not bear this in mind.

Ms. Chow came into the classroom at around 7:30am, and she didn't late for this time. LOL! She stared at me once she saw me, blaming me for leaving just like that. I told her that I wasn't going to stay today, and she blamed me once again. I'm sorry. X(

I was wearing school uniform, and I wasn't allowed to walk around in the school. Hence, Ms. Chow suggested me to stay together with them until my brother came. I stayed for the first three periods, and I left during first recess without leaving any message. My eyes were full of tears. I know I will surely miss my class a lot, but I have to go.

Kelvin was so funny to give me a handshake before I left the class, and I found that his hands were really rough. I'm wondering what he usually do at home. :| Anyway, thanks for the handshake. I was touched by the warmth of your handshakes indeed. X) Dear partner, Kelvin Yap, please treat the daily record book well. Don't ever get caught because of what you love to write on the book. Hahaha! Don't forget to write down the homework list on the white board.

Goodbye, 6 S Ren.

Take care, dude. :)

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