25 March 2010

Bad Impression

Piss off!!! Is it so important for not continuing my study? I've chosen my own path so is it still so important for not continuing it? Ishhh!

My eldest brother kept on receiving a call from my cousin in Singapore these days just because of THAAAAAAATTT. I am mad. I am mad for what he asked my brother on the phone. I don't know what his intention was, but that made me uncomfortable. Wtf! My brother is innocent in the case.

Yes, I know I know. His brother and sister were graduated from independent high school if I'm not mistaken. They're so formidable, right? So what? Hello! I am Jia Min! I am not as formidable as you thought. My average mark is around 62 every year. I am just an ordinary girl but I am not superb. Do my explanations satisfy you? Hah! -_______-

I couldn't forget what he asked me on Facebook a few days ago. "Aren't you're from Chinese school? But why you're using English?" he asked me by using Chinese. Don't you think this is just too hilarious? Is it a big trouble by using English? Besides, he sent a message to me to tell me that my hometown is Taiping. Again, is it a big trouble if I put Mentakab as my hometown?! Other than that, he told me not to involve in a love relationship before 21st. Hello!? LOLLLLLLL!

I can't bear all he had done to me indeed, even though it's just a few days. :\ He had made a bad impression on me.

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