26 March 2010

This Morning

I went back to the school again, to let the teachers from the six different developments and the principle, Mr. Hwong Seng, sign the form, and to pass it up to the so-called Ms. Tall. LOL! I realized that such kind of job isn't as easy as I thought, because the teachers love to walk around the school but they don't stay in their offices all the time. Gahhh!

I went back to my class to look for the buddy, Felicia to chat with. "Ei?! Jia Min wor!" I heard this but I didn't give him any response. Haha! Ya I know, that was from Mr. Phua Kien Han, the stupid yet funny guy in the class. Well, I didn't chat with any other people besides Felicia as I don't used to walk into my class with casual wear. Aha! :| So, I walked away from my classroom without saying goodbye. That was so damn sad indeed.

While they're spending time on the exam papers, I was sitting in the hall alone, waiting for my brother to come and pick me up. I looked around the hall with full of sadness, but I don't really know why. -.- I sat on a chair, listening music with my earphone, recalling everything that happened to me in the past. You can try to imagine the scene. XDDD Stop it! Don't laugh at me please. Hahaha!

Once I received a call from my mum, I stood near the gate to wait for my brother. A guard came to me and asked me if I need his help. I said I went to the office to pass up the form and then I was waiting for my brother. Guess what he asked me. "Kenapa tamat? Tak suke sekolah ni ke?" Yes! He really asked me in that way. I laughed for the way he asked me the question and I answered him in my mind: "Yes, sort of." Hahahahahahaha!

So, that's all for what happened to me in the morning. I want to use PPS right now! Wheeeeeee! :D

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