21 March 2010

I Can't Be Perfect

We started our Anti-drugs Abuse examination at 9:06am today because of the lateness of the examiner, Mr. Gan Chi Kang. Everyone was shouting to the phone to stop him from arriving school that early. LOL! A couple of minutes later, we saw him walking not too slow on the corridor and we knew that it's time to die. X)  I would just accept the fact that I didn't prepare well.

Dak! Dak! Dak! The time is still running non-stop. I have been sitting in the classroom for quite a long time and finally, I decided to pass up the exam paper. Is it a sign of give up? I have no idea. Aha! Nolahhh! -_______- I've tried my best to complete all the questions before I passed it to Chi Kang. I walked out from the classroom and waited for the coming Home Skills examination with full of excitement.

"Everyone goes into the classroom and wait for the next exam." Chi Kang came out from the classroom and gave us the order. Woohooo! Guess how long I have taken to complete all the questions? About 20 minutes I guess. Haha! And the maximum time length for the examination was 1 hour. Therefore, I came out half an hour earlier and I waited for somebody who could fetch me.

She was the one who fetched me back. :|

I'm sorry. I cannot be perfect.

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