23 March 2010

Happy Birthday

When did I say I have left CH? I have mentioned for so many times that I'm still waiting for my parents' answers, but someone spread the news all around the world. I'm wondering who did that. :S I posted on Facebook to tell that I seriously want to leave, but I didn't mean I have left it. Hey, don't scare my juniors please. The one who is being smart-alecky irritates me indeed, and I'm so wanted to scold him or her. Well, I don't mean to hate him or her. I will just laugh-die-die at him or her. XDDD

Dahhh! Enough! That's not the point for this blog post. LOL! Blog is a suitable place for me to record the sweet memories I have had in my life. What about you? :) So you know what day is yesterday if you're quite close to me, right? And now you should know what I am going to blog about, right?

Yeaaaaaaa! It's my real sweet 18th birthday, a day which I have been waiting for so long. Wheeeeeee!!! XDDD Hubby came to my house and brought me out at around 3pm, and we straight away rushed to the school by Selangor bus. My mood changed immediately when I saw rain drops falling on the mirrors of the bus. Ish! We got to walk faster so that we couldn't get wet before arriving school. My legs were pain like hell but I have no idea what else we could do.

Fortunately, we arrived in the school at around 3:30pm and my juniors didn't run away because of my lateness. I'm sorry. I know I was too late to arrive there but I swear that I have tried to be faster. Everyone looked so excited when they first saw me, and my mind was full of question marks. What's going on with the kids? Aha! They kept on asking why I left CH without telling them and blah blah blah. Alright, I didn't use too much time to explain clearly. I was so lazy to repeat again and again. Haha! So I chatted with Chi Kang and in the meantime, I was waiting for the appearance of the birthday cake. Obviously, the celebration wasn't out of my expectation. I’m sorry for my cleverness dude. Teeheee!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Jia Min,
Happy birthday to you.

The hidden people came out and sang the song together, and they wanted me to blow the candle but there was no candle at all. -_______- Never mind. X) I got a slice of it, and I found that it was so delicious but not as sweet as the choc mud cake in Secret Recipe. The cheese cake that was specially gifted by dearest Xiao Yun was delicious as well. Hubby told me that he told Xiao Yun about what kind of cake I love the most through Facebook. Hmmm, both of you conspired to keep the truth from me huh? Hahaha! Hubby, I'll forgive you for this time. XP

I've got a chipmunk-liked thingy (he is not a chipet!!! -.-) from Felicia, which is really cute enough. He drove me crazy indeed. I named him as Brownie as his body is brown in colour. I have got a new son! :) Besides, I have got a box of two cups that is specially designed for a couple. They are so sweet and nice, but too bad we can't use them for now. I'll keep it nicely, and I'll take it out if we have the chance to use. Other than that, my ex-recruit Lynn Lim passed me a birthday card that contains a few signatures from some other recruits that are of the same badge as her. I was quite surprised as I didn't know that she would look for them one by one just to get the signatures. Xiao Yun wrote me a sweet letter as well. I sincerely thanks to all of you for treating me well. Thank youuuuuuu! One more thing I have to mention is, Sin Ee owes me a present!!! Hahahahahahaha!

About the text message that I received yesterday, Sherlyn's message was the sweetest among all. "Sweetheart Jia Min" was what she called me in the message. She said that even though I've left CH (okay, just something touching to me but I have to mention that I haven't sign the paper of leaving CH), but we're all still the kids of CHSJ, and we're always the kids of CHSJ. Yea, she let me know that they will never forget me no matter how. Thanks a lot, Sherlyn; you should know that you're always the sweetest one. You're always the best indeed. Kids, please appreciate such a nice leader in the society, alright?

Dear and I went to the Pizza Hut in Mutiara to celebrate together. We ordered Meal 3 with Hawaiian Supreme, and the set meal was too much for both of us, even though he's a guy. Haha! We chit-chatting until about 6:45pm, then only we paid and left the restaurant. He brought me back to make sure that I'm still safe. He went back home after all.

That's all for what I must mention on this blog post I guess. I'm so thankful to all those people who wished me through Facebook or SMS, especially my beloved dad who texted me from India. Thank you so much boys and girls. All the best to all of you, and take care as well. Cheers!

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