23 March 2010

A Will-liked Blog Post

I'm going back to school tomorrow morning with casual wear, but not with my school uniform. And I'm going back to take the form, but I'm not going to stay as I have to rush back home after that. It's a waste for not continuing my study in CH until the end, right? I'm sorry, but I rather choose my own path.

I know I will surely miss the people who care about me, a lot, especially my form teacher, Ms. Chow. She cares about her students all the time, and she doesn't get angry easily. She used to bear everything except for the extravagant behaviors of her students. She is so kind to every one of us, and she gives us rewards when we do something satisfy her. She treats her students fairly too. These are the reasons why I love her so much. Well, I feel so sorry for leaving without telling her anything. But I'm sure I will go and look for her for a while tomorrow, even though I have to rush. About OKL, I'll send her a message through Facebook, or I'll write a letter and put it on her table tomorrow morning. She loses an assistant from now on. I'm so sorry.

Other than that, I will miss my buddies, Felicia and Yeik Jiun as well. Felicia, a five-year classmate, is a helpful girl to me. We used to contact each other or sat down in a corner to chat everything we would like to chat. We joined the trip together when we're still in the age of 15, and we cried together in a night because of something irritating. We seldom quarrel within each other, or I can say we don't quarrel at all. She is indeed a nice and a trustful friend. :) Yeik Jiun, a two-and-a-half-month classmate, is a little girl to me. Somehow I really admire her for the way she treats something and some of her viewpoints, though. The best memory we have had is the outing day during the holiday that was just over. Hopefully that is not the only memory between both of us, and also Felicia for sure. We'll always be together, aren't we? Don't forget to let me know if there's any activity in our class, okay? I love you, girls. Cheer for everything!

The last one comes to my dearest CHSJ, my big happy family which I have been joining for more than 5 years. According to the birthdates, I'm the eldest among every one of them in this family. I experienced a lot within the years such as happiness, unhappiness, and et cetera. I have greatly advanced in the family, and I appreciate it a lot. Besides first aid, I gained a lot of extra knowledge in the family too. I'm really proud to be one of the family members of CHSJ. Just as what Sherlyn said, even though I've left CH, but I'm still a kid of CHSJ. And I hope that the kids left can stay strong and stop making troubles. LOL! :X Yes, I truly hope that I can always get good news from the kids. Sherlyn, you're the most important among all. You must be strong to prop up the whole family. Cheers! And to my kids, please listen to the one, who is going to inherit my place. Don't ever try to disappoint me. :| I'll come back to check if I could. To Wilayah NC, I will always support you no matter how, and I'll attend the state competition if there's nothing special happens. :D To Wilayah AC, don't disappoint your trainer and those who care about you ever again. You guys have promised to be good but look at what you have done yesterday. Keep your promises, or else I'll kill you cruelly. Hmph! :\

There are still a lot of things to mention, but my time is limited. Please do not mind if you couldn't see your name in the three paragraphs, alright? Dear friends, please take good care of you and cheer in everything. I promised that I'll come back often to pay visits to all of you if I'm allowed to do so. Cheers!

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