20 March 2010

I'm Getting Crazy

Gahhh! Lots of stuffs are waiting to be done before the stupid school reopens.

I'm going back to it again for two exams tomorrow morning at 9am, and I have to rush back home two hours later to get everything starts. There are two monthly tests for Analytical Geometry and Chemistry, a written test from memory for Chinese, two essays for Bahasa Melayu and Chinese, Calculus, and some other homework that I haven't done before the holidays.

Ish! I have no idea how I shall start all those stuffs. How good if I could just stop doing anything and start doing the application stuffs for the course I have chosen. I love some of my teachers in the school, and my buddies as well, but I dislike the life of being restricted. I'm sorry. :(

So, I'm still thinking about it.



And thinking. -_______-

And besides, is Taylor's University College a good college for tourism management? :|

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