20 March 2010

I Want To Leave Sooooooo Badly

The time is elapsing as soon as the bullet of the gun moves in the mid air, or it may be as soon as the speed of the light. Obviously, I'm exaggerating. X) Ignore me pleeeeeeeaaase. Aha!

Today is a day I have been waiting for so long. Finally, I have got the chance to drive a real car on the road. Wheeeeeee! Well, every time when I drove the car, I thought of the bumper car that we used to play in Genting Indoor Theme Park. Fortunately there was no car around me or else there might be a lot of accidents happen in the same time. Haha!

CHOI!!! Touch wood! XDDD

I'm not sure whether it is a Kancil or a Kelisa because it seems to be a little bit different as compared to those we used to see on the road. But, it is a manual car for sure. :| I have been so nervous for quite a few days, but the uncle who loves to joke with his students cure my nervousness. The way he teaches his students is so much different than the others. He said that he used to ask his students to guess what is the next step we should do, what is this and that, what is this for, and et cetera, so that we can memorize everything well. I am a very good example to prove it. Bleh!

I was so excited while driving on the road, because it was my very first time driving a real car. Woohooo! XD It may be a great new experience to me. Although I had just drove for a real short distance, but I made quite a good U-turn and I could stop the car very well. The uncle praised me for my good job indeed. Thank you so much. :D Too bad we have to end up the driving lesson two hours later, which was 10am. The uncle kept on complaining that only two hours for the first driving lesson is actually not enough at all, but the one who arranged the time table wasn't me. I shrugged my shoulders as I have nothing to say. LOL! That's Jia Minnn!

I should be the one who drives home today, but you know why. I may bang a car seriously if so. Hahahahahahaha! Hence, the uncle drove me home unwillingly, and everything ended up just like that.

I will start crying every night again, I guess. UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY again! Is it so important?! Damn!!!

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