12 March 2010

Random One

It is now midnight, but I'm still here sitting in front of the laptop blogging and playing my Facebook. Ish! But what's my explanation for going to the bed this late? I have no idea, but I'm sure that I'm unwilling to go to school tomorrow. We will be having an assembly tomorrow morning for the anniversary celebrations of our school. Beyond doubt, I have to stand there for about 40 minutes or maybe more than that. Gah!!!

Besides, Ms. Tan Poh Poh wanted to have a Chemistry test for us who have already in the holiday's mood. :( I don't want to read! Not that I dislike Chemistry, but I have no that kind of mood at all. I'm sorry. I love the single bond and the double bonds. I love the number of carbon and hydrogen. I love to draw the shape of phenol and benzene. But I couldn't understand at all due to my stupidity indeed. Gosh! I ought to pay more attentions during the Chemistry periods!

I'm tired. This kind of lifestyle makes me exhausted. I'm really blurred! Can I know what can I do with my SPM results paper?


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