11 March 2010

Complicated 200th Blog Post

I had had a lot of different feelings within one day. There are happiness, sadness, craziness, nervousness and et cetera. They came in the different time, but in the same day. I'm always in quite a good mood, though. Not that I'm satisfied with the results I've got, but it was something unexpected.

Hell yea, it's the day! As usual, all of us went to school with our school uniforms for sure. We have classes still. :S During the Chemistry period, Ms. Lim Lay Swee broadcasted to ask those form 6 students to take their results in the hall. The people started to scream softly once they heard the broadcast. Awww! I held one of Felicia's hand and I could feel her nervousness. I was just as well as her.

We lined up row by row according to the classes shown. I could still remember that my class was 5 S Xin. OMFG! Not many people were there lining up, and I was going nearer to the table. I was nervous, which was really out of my expectation. I thought I wouldn't have any feelings, but I was totally wrong. :X Soon, I was standing right in front of the small table. Ahhh! I signed on the name list, and then the guy passed my results paper to me. Without hesitating, I checked out what I’ve got.

Bahasa Melayu – B (Kepujian Tinggi)
Bahasa Inggeris – A- (Cemerlang)
Pengetahuan Moral – A- (Cemerlang)
Sejarah – E (Lulus)
Mathematics – A (Cemerlang Tinggi)
Additional Mathematics – A- (Cemerlang)
Physics – B (Kepujian Tinggi)
Chemistry – B (Kepujian Tinggi)
Biology – C+ (Kepujian Atas)
Bahasa Cina – B+ (Kepujian Tertinggi)

And I got 5C for my 1119. WTF! Never mind, I'll try to work hard for UEC if I continue my secondary school life until the end. :| Good luck to me!

OKL saw me walking along the corridor with a smiling face while the others were busy chit-chatting between each other in the hall. She asked me about my results and she thought the results satisfied me. She even praised me for the results I have got. Well, I'm sure I don't deserve so much praise. I was just too lucky to get those results. I swear that I didn't work hard for my SPM at all. Thanks for praising me anyway.

Wai Leng's butt. >.< I wonder why Rowena loves to capture a photo with people's butt. LOL! XDDD

Finally! :D

Besides, we took our class photos right beside the fish pond during the first recess. Everyone was doing things slowly and we took almost the whole recess time to get everything complete. Aha! Lots of people gathered around to take a look like we're animals in the zoo. -_______- Fine, I'm just feeling so proud to be one of them. It's my very first time taking class photos even though this is my sixth year studying in CH. I'm not exaggerating! School duties and my laziness for not attending the classes caused such stupid stuffs. Hmph!

After school, I went to have meeting as usual. But I took only half an hour then I just pissed off from the canteen to meet my man. Wheeeeeee! X) We had our lunch in Secret Recipe, Mutiara Complex. We shared the meals and the drinks together as well.

My tasteless ice cappuccino. =\

His ice blended mocha espresso. Not bad one.

Prawn macaroni with cheese. Highly recommended! X)

Chicken cordon bleu. Another delicious one. Yummy!

A fly stopped in it to try the sweetness of the sugar. Ewww! But fortunately I didn't want to use it anymore. Phew!

After we finished our meals, we chit-chatted in the restaurant but I know so clearly that we're always not allowed to stay for too long. So, I suggested waiting for the bus at around 5:30pm. It wasn't what I really want, though. His house is located too far from my house, which he has to take more than one hour to reach home. Unless he drives to meet me, we have to go back home earlier. I have got used with such kind of condition, still, somehow I feel so bad to meet him for only a few hours. I know we may have the chance to meet for a longer time. :)

As what we used to do in the past, I went back home with his companion. I have been waiting for so long indeed! :O I could complain about my feelings whenever I feel uncomfortable. I feel safe when he is there beside me. I always do. :] The distance from the bus-stop to my house is not too long or too short, but our conversation will never end for sure. Let's continue our stories on the coming Sunday, babe.

I will miss a nice and a sweet day like today. :D

Thanks dear for giving me the masks! :D

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