10 March 2010

Bad Day

I had had an unhappy Wednesday. Ewww! I hate today's English period and the last period so much. Not that the teachers made me mad, but some of them in my class. How could a guy being so childish even though he is now 18 years old? That's a sad one. I hate burning with anger because it is absolutely not a good feeling. :| I just want to be happy all the time.

Well, I'm not going to tell anything right here. I don't wish to leave such kind of lousy memories in my blog. :) Thanks for such a PRETTY NICE day people.

In addition, I would like to congrats my dear as the trade of those products in his dad's shop is increasing day by day. Wheeeeeee! Cheer up! I will surely support you, my dear hubby! :D

I'm waiting for the coming Sunday. Babe!!!!!!! :O

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