24 April 2010

Piss Off If You Really Want To

You guys are definitely disappointing me again and again. I'm sad. I'm wondering if you guys were my recruits of the year 2009.

Recently, I kept on receiving the news that some of you are making the decisions about quitting CHSJ right after the midyear holidays. As usual, my first question was about the reasons of why do you want to quit. The answers I have got didn't really surprise me as I have used to get those kinds of answers from those CHSJ leavers. I'm mad. I feel so strange to you guys. Kindly ask you yourselves before you make the last decision, did you really try your best to solve everything? No, you didn't.

However, I know so clearly that I have no right to force you to stay. PISS OFF then! You're just a disappointment creator for me.

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