09 May 2010

Another Bad Day

Happy Mother's Day! I gave my mum a pack of handmade chocolate sticks on Friday, but she just threw it aside like I was giving her a pack of rubbish. What else I can do? NO! Everything I gave her in the past did not mean anything to her. Sigh!

I am supposed to stay over in my aunt's house tonight, but the problem solved, and everyone would get the benefits. I don't have to wake up as early as usual tomorrow morning. Other than that, I am going to meet my boy tomorrow. Yeah! :D Since the problem is solved, my aunt is allowed to go back to my hometown to celebrate another mother's day together with my grandparents.

However, I am not really happy for what they are thinking about. I feel so bad, sad, and hurt indeed. I am speechless. I am not a doll, please.

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