08 May 2010

I Wasn't Saying Something Nonsense

I decided to meet hubby in CH as my mum said that her brother could drop me off there. I eventually got to visit my juniors in CH, and all my ex-classmates as well. Everything went so well, which is out of my expectation. Heee! Somehow I felt so bored, but I know I didn't really enjoy their activities.

I went to CH by my uncle's car right after I finished my breakfast in Sri Bintang, Kepong. The students had just ended the classes once I stepped into it. I called Felicia to tell her that I was on the way walking to 6 S Ren, my ex-class. Awww! I miss it indeed. I was quite nervous when I was walking to the class. :S When I first stepped into the class, those people were shouting like hell, which I don't know why. Some of them shouted my name, while some other people shouted like they were just trying to create disturbance. Aha! Well, that's not the point. I could finally pass those books to Felicia. You know, I have been waiting for this day for so damn long. I was so afraid if I couldn't pass them to her before the mid-year examination. D: I would be very guilty about it if so.

Looking for my juniors was my main plan. I met Sam (not my senior) at the corridor, and some other juniors as well. Same to the others, he was there waiting for the time flew.  Therefore, we chitchatted on the corridor to avoid boredom. Haha! :P Soon, everything started, and I went to J.M. 2 Zhong right after the flag-raising ceremony of the scouts. Yes, hubby wanted me to accompany him until the ceremony ended. This is so unfair. X) We then off to the classes that our juniors were using.

During the activities, I was paying attention to every single movement of the children. Hmmm, what I can say is that they are still the same. When I found that I was bored, I went to the class that the old juniors were using. Oh, they were doing something like reviewing what they have done in the pasts. Sherlyn asked if I wanted to say something, and I wonder why I nodded my head. I shed my tears within five minutes after I started making the speech. I felt so bad, but what I said was all true. I told them how I felt when I first got the bad news about leaving CHSJ from my ex-recruits. I found that some of them weren't really happy for what I said, but honestly, think wisely before the kind of thought appeared in your mind. Moreover, I wasn't bluffing or whatsoever, but I was telling the truth. :) I hope they understood everything I said as I know that my nervousness disarranged my mind. :X No matter how, cheer for everything but don't get affect easily by anyone around you.

After all, Andy drove me and hubby back to my house. My youngest brother and I were too hungry and hence, we ordered McDonald. My mum wasn't at home. My brother's car was there in front of my house but I was not allowed to drive it to look for something better and healthier to fill up my stomach. :( I was enjoying my lunch or dinner while my boy was there using the laptop. He does that every time when he comes here. :\ Haha! Hmmm, I cried for trice today. The first time I cried was that he called me something sweet. He hasn't been calling me in that kind of sweet way for so long. I know I sound so stupid. :| The last two times I cried was that he said goodbye to me. He has been so patient and so sweet-natured to comfort me. I felt so sweet indeed. :D I miss his hugs now. D:

What I have to say that today is a happy, sweet and a great day to me. :) I feel so good. Heee!

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