04 May 2010

The Day With Sweets and Bitters

I am going to blog a blog post about yesterday, which I actually wanted to post it last night but I have no time to. Heee!

As usual, babe came to my house to bring me out and off we went to Mid Valley Megamall by KTM. The weather was freaking hot duh! He said that my cheeks were red in colour, which is less likely to be seen. LOL! X)

Gosh! Both of us were too hungry while we're on the way to the destination, especially him who did not eat anything before he went out from his house. Hence, once we stepped into the building, we straight away went to the ground floor (if I'm not mistaken) to look for our breakfasts. We wanted to have something better but there're only fast foods that may cram our stomachs. Some of the Chinese restaurants were crowded and we have to wait for about 10 minutes to be seated. So yah, we were forced to eat fast food. We said hello to Kenny Rogers Roasters in the end.

Hello! :P

This is Chicken Run. XDDD (inside jokes)

These muffins safe our lives. The chocolate one was his while the vanilla one was mine. Yummy!

The ice blended thingy. I've forgotten what it called.

Mine! Quarter meal. But too bad the chicken given was not a drumstick.

His! This is a half meal. He wanted to change the drumstick with me so that I could eat the one I like but I rejected.

We took about an hour to finish our foods. After that, we shopped around in the shopping mall. We shopped for clothes for sure. Haha! This is what we used to do when we don't feel like want to watch movie.

He looked quite different on that day. He was being so damn protective and romanticized for that whole day. That was so not him weih! I was quite shocked yet happy for everything he did to me, but I am still wondering what changed him. Yea I know, this is a good thing but you know how to spell the word "surprise". Aha! I hope he can be like that forever. I know I am greedy, but I don't care! Lalala! XD

I have got a nice short from Cotton On that costs RM49, while he has got a T-shirt from Romp that costs RM39.90 if I'm not mistaken. Those are what we have got after shopping for hours as we wanted to save money. Oh ya! I found that the shorts from Cotton On are not bad. Yay! I love shorts! Bleh!

We left there at around 5pm but we have not been entering the last two floors for that whole day. Beyond doubt, that will be our next target. Teeheee! Everyone in the KTM was packed like sardine and hence, he tried his best to protect me so that those people could not touch me. Don't ask me why I am afraid of that. :) While we're standing in front of the gate of my house, we found that there's nobody at home. They went to the park in Desa ParkCity. Gaaah! There was only one place we could go - the night market near my house. :S Something bad happened and I would like to scold, DAMN YOU THIS SHIT! :(

I hope that we can gain some sweeter memories on the coming weekends. I hope that we can meet again. Thanks for the day, babe, even though something went wrong in the end. Blame the weather and blame ourselves as well.

No matter how, I love you, and I miss you. Thanks! I hope you're just as happy as me too. :D

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